Hello world!

Hello and welcome to Circumnavigating the Kitchen!

This blog is written by me (Ralph) and Rebecca, and is our attempt to combine our love of food and travel, and see (or at least taste) some parts of the world we’d not normally be able to visit.  We’ve decided to have a go at cooking “national dishes” from around the world.  From haggis, neeps and tatties from our home of Scotland, to relatively well-known meals like Hungarian goulash, to the more esoteric dishes like Guyanese pepperpot.

We’re going to try and keep the recipes as authentic as possible (and it’s amazing what ingredients you’ll be able to find on your doorstep if you’re not intimidated by oriental supermarkets and the like) but some dishes, such as Greenland’s kiviak, for example (auks fermented in the body of a seal – yum!) is obviously unfeasible and might breach the terms of our tenant’s agreement!

We hope you enjoy our adventure, and also hope that we inspire people to try some of these exciting recipes!


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